What Makes an Artist

Im Marquis. Im a artist in the making and I like to draw and make animations. I really enjoy Doctor Who, Sherlock, Arrow, Supernatural and many other great things. I aspire to be an animator or a video game designer someday and make a impact on how people think of art.

For my artwork that i've completed i upload them on a separate blog. You can find my art mainly here
Posts I Like


Just for anyone who understands this picture… I’m really, really sorry I did this. But this thought ruined one of the really nice and beautiful scenes of “Listen” for me so I thought I’d just put it into a picture and ruin it for everyone else so you can feel my pain too…


Malcolm Tucker + Into The Dalek


Oh my God, they managed to pay tribute to Troughton’s Robin Hood.


Here’s the process (rough digital sketch, pencils and final colours)  behind my Twelfth Doctor cover for  The Forbidden planet variant of issue 1 of the Twelfth Doctor’s new series 


Being interrupted in the middle of math homework all like image


Fuck you, little hooded archer that shot my Tardis…


When I see things on my dash I know for a fact I have blocked by Tumblr Savior: image